Hospitality, integrity and excellence are three values that are very import to us. So when welcoming you we want to make sure our relationship starts out right and you are aware of some key facts.

1. Hours

  • a. Hours and days of usage shall be subject to reasonable changes at the sole discretion of Pure Fitness for Women.
  • b. In order to insure that Pure Fitness for Women facility is properly maintained Pure Fitness for Women reserves the right to temporarily close for not more than one week at any time during the year. Pure Fitness for Women may be closed on legal holidays and for certain promotions.

2. Age limits – You and your family’s safety is a top priority for us!

  • a. Ages 18 and older – can sign a agreement and workout by themselves.
  • b. Ages 16 – 17 – parent must sign agreement and they can work out by themselves
  • c. Ages 12 – 15 – parent must sign agreement and they have to work out and be with a parent or a trainer at all times
  • d. Ages 11 and below – not able to work out unless with a special class.
  • e. Children of 5 years or greater cannot go into the locker room.

3. Guest Policy – We want your friends to come have a safe workout with you while other members enjoy the services for which they are paying

  • a. A member may bring a guest to Pure Fitness for Women every day for a workout with a prearranged pass. The same guest may only use the facility once in a 4 month period. The guest must be at least 18 years of age and must provide a valid government issued picture ID.
  • b. All guests must sign a waiver before working out All Locations: Guests are allowed in the club from 8:00AM – 9:00PM.
  • c. Daily Fees: $25.00

4. Membership Check In: Safety and integrity are important to us!

  • a. Membership cards: Pure Fitness for Women reserves the right to insure new membership cards to replace member’s existing membership card and requires a member to present new membership card for admittance to Pure Fitness for Women. Pure Fitness for Women has the right to require a second form of identification with current picture such as a driver’s license, if they deem it necessary. Members agree that the use of their membership card by anyone other than the person named hereon is prohibited and the card will be confiscated. Member also agrees that if she allows anyone else to use her membership card, she will pay $100.00 to get the confiscated card back.
  • b. Pictures: we require that we take a picture of you to help make the check-in process quicker, easier and helps us protect our members

5. Billing Related Items

  • 1. Although we do our agreement signatures electronically, you can read a paper copy of our agreement before signing. Please make sure that you get a printed copy of your signed agreement before you leave.
  • 2. There is an annual fee that we bill once per year. The bill date is dependent upon when you get started with us and your agreement will have these details
  • 3. We automatically bill you monthly through a billing company named Jonas Fitness.
  • 4. Some of our service agreements have an obligation period where you are committing to the service relationship for more than just 30 days, please see your agreement for details
  • 5. Late fees are assessed for any past due invoices. Please keep your billing information with us updated to minimize this from happening. We will need working billing information at least a week prior to your billing date. You can update your information with us at the store or by contacting our customer service team.

6. Cancellation – We are sad to see you go and hopeful you will return. Our goal is to make sure we finish the relationship correctly so we do require 30 days written notice for your protection and ours.

7. Valuables

  • a. Lockers are provided on a per visit basis; Lockers which are left with membership card inside and left locked will be opened by Pure Fitness for Women Management and the items left will be donated to a charity of Pure Fitness for Women’s choosing and/or discarded.
  • b. Pure Fitness for Women is not responsible for lost or damaged articles inside or outside of the facility.
  • c. Please secure your valuables in a locker and do not leave them visible inside your car

8. Workout behavior and etiquette – Please help us make everyone feel welcome and comfortable when working out!

  • a. No dropping weights
  • b. No excessive noise when lifting
  • c. Be courteous to other members, share the equipment and re-rack the equipment you use
  • d. Use a spotter
  • e. Chalk is not permitted
  • f. Wipe down equipment after use
  • g. Must be fully clothed, including athletic footwear. No opened toed shoes
  • h. Appropriate behavior and language is expected (no profanity)
  • i. No gym/workout bags, purses, motorcycle helmets etc. on the workout floor
  • j. Personal workout equipment is not allowed
  • k. No personal training is allowed/authorized inside facilities unless administered by Pure Fitness for Women.
  • l. Must adhere to the manufacturer’s warnings and instructions for any equipment you use
  • m. No cell phone use on the workout floor, cardio area, locker rooms or group exercise studios
  • n. Group X & Spin Room is for classes only. Room(s) will be locked and opened 15 minutes prior to class by the instructor.
  • m. Spin Classes- Bikes are limited so please see front desk to sign in and obtain a number card to reserve a bike

9. Kids’ Club – Your kid’s safety is very important to us!

  • a. Member must be the parent or legal guardian to have child(ren) in the facility (proof of guardianship will be required)
  • b. Members must provide their membership card and a valid State issued photo ID to sign child(ren) in/out of Kid’s Club, each visit.
  • c. Parents/legal guardians must stay in the facility while a child is signed into the Kid’s Club.
  • d. The same parent/legal guardian that signs in a child must be the one to sign them out.
  • e. All children signed into the facility must be a minimum of 3 months of age and a maximum of 12 years old
  • f. No sick children will be allowed in the Kid’s club
  • g. No personal toys are to be brought into the Kids Club
  • h. Children may not be in the room without a Kid’s Club attendant, and only during Kid’s Club Operating Hours.
  • i. No Food/Drink allowed
  • j. Pure Fitness for Women employees will page the parent to change diapers and assist children not “potty trained” in the rest room. Pure Fitness for Women staff will not assist or accompany any child into the bathroom
  • k. Staff will not administer any medications to any children
  • l. Two hour time limit
  • m. * No bullying, physical contact, pushing, or fighting at any time is tolerated.
  • n. * Use of profanity is not tolerated.
  • o. Rules marked by asterisk (*) will result in Kid’s Club privileges being revoked.


  • Kids Club Hours: 
    • Monday – Thursday: 8am to 1pm & 4pm to 9pm
    • Friday: 8am to 1pm & 4pm to 8pm
    • Saturday: 8am to 1pm
    • Sunday: CLOSED

10. Wet Area

  • a. If using the wet areas you MUST wear a swim suit (NO T-shirts, shorts, leggings, dresses, jogging suits, etc.) Pure Fitness for Women reserves the right to notify all members of inappropriate attire and will ask you to change prior to gaining access to area.
  • b. In the event one chooses to wear a full body covered swimsuit please see Pure Fitness for Women management for details on the one swimsuit which has been approved to be worn in swimming pool
  • c. Must shower and rinse off prior to entering swimming pool/Jacuzzi
  • d. There is no swimming allowed when Water Aerobic classes are in session
  • e. No jumping or diving in swimming pool

11. Sauna/Steam Room

  • a. Please do not pour any liquid on the rocks in the saunas
  • b. User is required to be in a bathing suit or wrapped in a towel
  • c. Please do not pour liquids in steam room vents or use any type of fragment/essential oils

12. The circulating or posting of a petition, notice, circular or statement of any kind is prohibited in or near Pure Fitness for Women facility, unless such a document is first submitted and approved by the management of Pure Fitness for Women

13. All retail sales (concessions, clothes, accessories) are final

14. No smoking or drugs permitted

15. No bicycles permitted inside of lobby or building

16. Violation of these rules can lead to termination of your membership privileges

17. Inclement Weather Policy – Please check our social media sites for these notices