Our approach to personal assistance is very simple—we use proven scientific methods! We combine what we have found to be the best of all programs out there. Unlike, any women’s only gym of this magnitude in the continental United States, Pure Fitness for Women is an absolute leader in the health and fitness industry. We require our fitness professionals to be certified by nationally recognized fitness institutions while providing ongoing professional support for continuing education. In simple terms, we have educated our team to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals!

Personal Training

Fitness professionals from Ultra Body Fitness will design personalized resistance and cardiovascular training programs utilizing the best training principles to give our clients the safest and effective approach to fitness.

The 5 Components of Fitness

1. Component 1 – Nutrition
How Society Does It: Trying different “fad” diets.
Pure’s Proven Approach: Designing an individualized meal plan and educating our members on making better food choices according to the foods they like and what fits their lifestyle.

  • 60% of Results Obtained Through Proper Intake
  • High Energy Levels
  • Foods You Like

2. Component 2 – Cardio Training
How Society Does It: Buying an expensive coat hanger (a treadmill), going to the fitness center and doing too much too soon (for example: 7-days a week of cardio training).
Pure’s Proven Approach: Teaching the F.I.T.T. principle (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type), which essentially means doinh the least amount of work required to achieve your goals.

  • Stimulation to Mobilize Fat
  • Strengthening the Heart
  • Burning Calories

3. Component 3 – Supplementation
How Society Does It: Improper buying decisions (“My friend told me to take it”, price, reading labels of supplements and not understanding what they’re taking, etc.)
Pure’s Proven Approach: Not by use of products alone, but by combining products into part of an individualized program. The only supplements taken are the ones that an individual NEEDS (all supplements are engineered by the licensed-pharmaceutical manufacturer, Phoenix Labs).

  • Nutrients Without Calories
  • Matches Meal Plan

4. Component 4 – Resistance Training
How Society Does It: Monkey See – Monkey Do (mimicking the member working out next to you).
Pure’s Proven Approach: Assessing your current condition and designing a personalized routine to maximize your results.

  • Strengthen
  • Tone
  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Improve Core Stability
  • Become a calorie-burning machine
  • Lose Weight

5. Component 5 – Personal Assistance
How Society Does It: Asking a friend or checking the latest issues of one of the many “muscle” magazines.
Pure Fitness proven approach: Certified fitness professionals motivate their clients, manipulate the other four components of fitness as needed, and educate their clients on fitness and accountability that will last a lifetime.

  • Safe Fitness
  • Proper Technique
  • Educate
  • Break Plateaus
  • Motivate
  • Fun